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The Business Plan Template for a Designer’s Long-Term Success

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In a world bombarding you with everything going wrong in the economy, I want to share 3 things that I’ve done to provide Rebel + Rise a business plan template that prioritizes preventative care vs waiting until a business catastrophe happens that forces me to take action.

1. Regardless of finances, I never stop investing back into the business.

Although your investment needs change depending on the business season you’re in, it’s important to take time to identify what you need. Whether it’s a…

  • Course to help you learn a skill
  • Platform to speed up a process
  • Coach to hold you accountable
  • Team to help you implement things
  • Time to take a pause and evaluate what the next best move is

Investing plays a crucial role in your success. Mastering the ability to decipher what you actually need in your business is the key to getting the best ROI.

2. Learn how to prioritize tasks efficiently and let go of the need to control what isn’t today’s problem.

Between the Rebel + Rise agency, Showit-All going evergreen, and personal matters, tasks pile up quickly.

Honestly, if I were to sit down and think about every task that needs to be completed to hit this year’s targets, I would probably want to curl up in a ball on the couch.

That’s why it is so important to develop the skill of prioritization.

Focus on the tasks that take the least amount of effort/time and will create the most amount of impact!

3. Lastly, be patient. The only businesses that last are the ones playing the long game.

If you’re constantly focusing on what you haven’t achieved yet, it’s easy to play the comparison game, feel like you’re losing progress, and slip into panic mode.

Having a business plan template to refer back to during the ups and downs of entrepreneurship allows for you to keep a level head no matter the stage of your business. 

Ultimately, remember that you’re building a company, not an expensive hobby.

  • Relationships with dream clients take time to foster.
  • Skills take time to master.
  • Community take time to cultivate.
  • Teams take time to build.

Keep your eyes focused on the long-term impact you’re building and everything will happen when it’s meant to happen.

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