Doing everything is not the end-game of being a business owner.

And perhaps importantly, what do you dread doing in your business? What’s costing your sanity, limiting your capacity, and taxing your ability to enjoy your work?

Because if you’re not into double-designing websites or endlessly browsing help docs, Rebel + Rise is the partner you need to get back to your zone of genius and focus on creating the business & lifestyle you’re after.

So let us ask you a question: What’s your thing? 

Behind the Name

We’re all for rebelling against the traditional path and pursuing your dream (hence Rebel) and uplifting others through the work you do (the collective Rise).

Founder + CEO // creative director // Educator

Founder + CEO //
Lead Developer // Educator

About Katie Harrington Andujar

A leather jacket-wearing, Aperol Spritz drinking, Stevie Nicks-loving Swiftie, who believes there’s a seat for everybody at the table.

With a degree in graphic design and love for music, Katie spent the first decade of her career working in the music industry. While the backstage passes and great coworkers were definite perks, the long hours, little money, and lack of upward trajectory wasn’t great.

A friend from college suggested she learn a website platform to help with her client design work and to make some extra money. Surprise: That platform was Showit.

Katie quickly fell in love with it, finding herself curled up with her laptop in the corner of dirty rock clubs, building websites in between working her main gig. It wasn’t long before she stepped out to start her own business in 2018, leading to the creation of Rebel + Rise —

The first company to offer white-label Showit development and robust showit support.

Rather than striving to develop a signature design style, R+R provides unbiased design work that matches each client’s aesthetic.

 Created for aspiring web designers and creative entrepreneurs alike, it’s the course Katie wishes she had when she first started.

Known for her straight-shooting, always helpful, gets-sh*t-done approach, Katie and her team are the ones you want in your circle when navigating the world of website design — and entrepreneurship at large.

As the agency grew & thrived, Katie later developed its educational arm with the introduction of R+R’s flagship course, Showit-All.

Say hi to Katie’s nearest + dearest

Alex the Husband

Bernie the bulldog

Your all -star Team

Project Manager

Janet Beamer

Charlottean, latte drinker, lover of all things 90's R&B, believer in the Golden Rule.

Lead Showit Developer

Rachel Bos

English, lover of word puzzles, rescue dog mom, spicy marg enthusiast, forever dreaming of the beach.

Marketing Manager

Sarah Baxter

Blessed mama, sports lover, Indian food fiend, believer that hugs heal everything.

Showit Developer + Coder

Pratik Khaling

Darjeeling-based, gamer, anime nerd, ardent Hot Wheels collector.

official meeting interrupter

Bernie the Bulldog

Also English, cheese lover, has crooked teefies, master butt wiggler, loves barking during Zoom calls.

Showit Developer + Designer

Kelsey Christine

Nashville-based crazy cat lady who loves nature, Japanese culture, and roller skating.

Our work is led by these personal values — because business is personal.


R+R is known for bringing authenticity to the forefront. We share the good & bad days of life + entrepreneurship in order to create real relationships and feel less alone in it all.


We’ll confidently say it: Our client experience is second to none. It’s why our clients stay with us for the long haul and they refer us to their friends on the regular. 


No really, you can sit with us. Whatever your race, religion, age, gender, identity, or sexual orientation - you are welcome here. Rebels rise together.

What’s being said

“She literally gave me back my hours in the day, while still allowing me to serve my client and continue progress on this project.”

I had a Showit website project that required building out a fairly extensive shop with about 65-70 products, and I knew that building it out would be a fairly time-intensive phase of the project. I was able to share a template for the product page with Katie, and she was able to build out all of the respective product pages during a Dev Day, while I was able to continue work on other projects. She even completed all of the product pages ahead of schedule. Such a relief to have this phase completed!

sarah blodgett // digital grace design

“Katie and her team were incredible to work with!”

They took my vision and executed it with precision to any of the revisions I wanted made. As a designer, this process is so invaluable in that it saves me the time I need to continue building on my project in other ways or seeking out new project leads. I'm so grateful for their time and attention to detail and look forward to working with them again soon!

lauren muth // studio humankind

“Working with Katie is a no-brainer.”

She is the kindest human and gets the job done without asking a million questions. The process is smooth and her first draft is always 95% perfect. Revisions are minimal which makes the process fast, efficient and headache free. Would 10/10 recommend hiring her for Showit development, it has freed up so much of my time and has taken a job off my plate that I personally found draining before!

jenna johnson // white + salt

Part Showit Development Agency, Part Education Hub

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