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How Showit SEO and WordPress Work Together

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One of the most common reasons people choose to stick with Squarespace or WordPress for their website-building platform is that they don’t fully understand how the Showit SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features function.

Let’s address the myth that Showit SEO sucks.

I’m not entirely sure where this myth came from because it has not been my experience at all. If you (or a client of yours) has ignored the platform because of SEO fears, I want to assure you that:

A.) Showit has a lot of features to help optimize your SEO, and
B.) Your website’s SEO ranking has more to do with how you are utilizing its features than the web builder itself

Showit has the same functional capabilities (image alt text, title tag + meta description optimization, SSL plans included in your subscription, etc.) as any other big platform.

For anyone who needs a quick refresher on SEO…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that Google uses to dictate how to rank websites in search results. SEO compares the user’s query with the number of times and locations the topic is mentioned on the website’s page. If your website meets Google’s criteria, your site link will appear higher on the Google search results.

For example, as a Showit development agency, our SEO needs to be optimized so that if anyone searches “Showit development” or “Showit developer” we will be one of the sites to appear in their search results. And if you take a look at a quick Google search we did this morning, this is what you’ll see (and keep in mind, we just relaunched our site about 3 weeks ago, so I’m extremely happy with our page 1 status):

Like anything, if you utilize the features available to the platform, Showit is a fantastic platform for SEO. And, like a lot of other good things, SEO TAKES TIME. It’s not something reasonable to expect to see immediate results. Honestly, we’re usually waiting on Google (and should probably be blaming them ha!).

Does SEO impact Showit’s blogging capabilities?

Another Showit SEO myth is that blogging isn’t as effective on Showit as it is on WordPress.

In reality, WordPress hosts Showit’s blogging capacity. Meaning, you get every positive aspect of WordPress’s blogging capabilities while simultaneously getting the drag-and-drop features of Showit! ***Immediately starts humming “You Get the Best of Both Worlds”***

Trying to understand the backend ins and outs of a web platform can be a *bit* tricky.

Understanding how WordPress and Showit work together in general can be a bit confusing.

That’s why we did an in-depth training to show you how Showit works and integrates with WordPress. Click here to watch the no-pitch training now!

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