Something Social


Showit Development

Project Goals: "To elevate the look and feel of the Something Social website to reflect their new lively, modern branding." 
-Brooke Molinari, designer

How we achieved them: We leaned into their vibrant color palette and included pops of neon within the typography to call out key sections as well as leveraging the use of animation for a fun first impression when users enter the site

Special features: Coded CSS typewriter feature, custom button solution, native Showit animations

Here’s what brooke said:

As we began collaborating with the Something Social team, it was clear that we desired a catchy tagline to inform their potential customers about the agency's benefits. We chose to animate this tagline using a typewriter feature to showcase various actions individuals can take with the influence of social media. This animation, combined with their captivating color palette and imagery, creates a memorable website experience.

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Nari Creative

At Last Florals


Showit Development

Project Goals: "The goal for this site was to create something different from what you would normally see on a florist or vendor site. Because floristry is a creative "layering" craft, we wanted to achieve this level of artistry in the design as well."
-Leslie Vega, designer

Special features: Complex image and texture layering made possible by Showit and it's drag + drop flexibility.

Here’s what Leslie said:

It is always a treat to have a client who lets you run with the creativity of a site. I wanted to steer away from the usual 'cookie-cutter' and boxy approach to web design and I think we definitely achieved this with the florals and textures throughout the layout! Super proud of the creative journey and results of this one ~ all thanks to Showit's incredible versatility.

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Leslie Vega Design

Lauren Ireland


Showit Development

Project Goals: "Our goal for Lauren was to create a website that felt warm, intimate and inviting and to represent the new stage of life she was in with a clean and elevated design. The site needed to include shoppable links and a dedicated blog that was easy to update." -Rachael Loerwald, designer

How we achieved them: Utilizing soft opacity changes, b+w to color image hover states, and an overall gentle experience.

Special features: LiketoKnowit integration, GIFs, Full blog setup

Here’s what Rachael said:

Partnering with Katie on the site development allowed me to fully customize and personalize the design of Lauren's site without having to hold back because I "don't know how to code that"... this freed my mind and let me focus on creating a gorgeous design, knowing the development was going to be a breeze.

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Studio Foray

Gemma Bonham-Carter


Lightning Launch

Project Goals: Migrate site from Wordpress and elevate design in the process

How we achieved them: Using a Northfolk template, we took new branding colors + fonts and completely upgraded the look and vibe of the site. 

Special features: Integrating podcast with blog

Here’s what Gemma said:

"Katie is professional, easy to work with, and produces stunning sites. I couldn't believe how quick the process was start to finish. I'm so glad I hired her! My whole brand got such a glow-up."

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TEmplate by:

Northfolk // Customized by Rebel + Rise

She Rocked It!


Hourly Showit Support

Project Goals: Make the site even more engaging, exciting, and user-friendly. 

How we achieved them: Sharing new offerings and events, incorporating new videos and podcast episodes, adding new pages as needed.

Special features: Utilizing the blog for all podcast episodes to maximize SEO potential.

Here’s what Karen said:

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Original design by Uno Dos Trae // Ongoing design updates and page additions by Rebel + Rise

"Katie and her team always respond promptly and turn edits and updates around efficiently. I know I'm in great hands with Rebel + Rise and, as an entrepreneur with a million things to do, I feel a tremendous sense of relief knowing that my website is well cared-for!"

The Shipley Co.


Showit Development

Project Goals: An easy to use and easy to update site that features real estate listings without using an IDX plugin

How we achieved them: Wordpress custom post types and custom code to showcase listings by tag

Special features: Customizable listings functionality with custom post types

Here’s what Kadie said:

"Working with Rebel & Rise was a huge factor in this project’s success! We had a lot of functionality requests that were unfamiliar, and they were able to guide us through the options while keeping the aesthetic and experience of the site in tact. I rely on Rebel & Rise so much for custom Showit sites and they deliver every single time!"

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