Showit Development Day

We'll knock out your Showit to-do list — all in one day.

hell yes

Showit Development Day is a one-day intensive that gives you full, one-on-one access to Katie for any Showit development needs that you need yesterday.

that sounds like me!

that sounds like me!

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Book a Showit Development Day for one-on-one access to Katie for a full day.  Whether you need a site built out in Showit, need a sales page designed, or have a bunch of miscellaneous tasks that you need done, Katie will focus ONLY on your project for the entire day.

i need this

You dread all of the nitty-gritty Showit dev tasks on your to-do list...

But you NEED to to get them done and get them done ASAP. 

Development Day

for that...

Examples Of What We Can Accomplish Together In One Day

4-6 page Showit site development 

Sales page design and development 

Showit template development

Site audits / reviews

Copy changes

new page additions

shopify lite integrations / setups

mobile optimization

Blog Design And setup

website maintenance

what our clients are saying:

"I already knew how invaluable Rebel + Rise were for my Showit development needs but this new service allows me to outsource even more of my needs and focus on what I love most. I appreciate Rebel + Rise so much for offering this service and how on top of everything they are. They make every experience with them the best possible."

stefani lefler // december oak

"I hired Katie for a Showit Development Day and she did not disappoint! Katie's communication and workflows made the entire process super easy and I felt confident and comfortable with my project in Katie's hands. She worked quickly, was available for my questions, and created exactly what I was looking for. I cannot recommend R+R enough and will definitely be working with Katie again!"

Alyssa Houseknecht // lyss house creative

"Katie is highly skilled in her craft. Aside from being so well versed in Showit, she is also a designer, so I can trust that my designs will be translated exactly as I envision them. She is patient, smart, timely, available and so lovely to work with."

leslie Vega-ward // leslie vega design

This sounds all too familiar...

- You have a list of showit work you need done asap

- you've been putting off building out that one site for ages

- You don't want to wait to get on our calendar, you just want it done now

- You're able to check in a couple times during your dev day to give quick feedback

- you're ready to feel that giant showit development weight off your shoulders

- you don't want to mess with the idea of hourly work

- you just need someone who knows what they're doing to finally finish up your project

that's me!

I've been developing sites in Showit for years and have seen a consistent need for more support.  Our Showit Development days allow you to skip to the front our calendar waitlist and get your Showit dev needs done ASAP. 

I'm in the Showit platform all day, everyday.  It's like a second language to me at this point. And guess what that means? I'm FREAKY FAST  (yes, just like Jimmy John's!) at everything Showit.  The amount we can accomplish in a day is honestly insane, which is what makes these development intensive days so ridiculously valuable.

Hi, I'm


ready to knock out your showit to-do list in a day?

yes, duh

How It Works

step one

Fill out the application below to book your initial consultation call. 

step two

Hop on a call with Katie to discuss what you'd like to accomplish during your development day, make sure we're a good fit for the scope of work, and generally get to know each other!

step three

Sign your Development Day agreement and pay your 50% deposit to hold your day.

step four

Upload all necessary files and items to your client folder prior to your Development Day so we're ready to go!  Your invoice remainder is also due prior to your day.

step five

It's Development Day! Hop on a quick 30 minute call with Katie in the morning to confirm scope of work and go over any additional details!

step six

Katie will check in with you halfway through the day for any necessary feedback and to give you an update on progress.

step seven

Jump on a final 30 minute review call with Katie to go over all of the work accomplished during your Development Day!

step eight

You'll receive one week of email support for any work done along with access to our Tutorial Library.

step nine

Breathe a sigh of relief! Your Development Day just knocked out a TON of work on your Showit to-do list!

what our clients are saying:

The process was seamless and felt personalized to what I wanted out of our time together.  It was also incredibly convenient to be able to have someone knock out this work for me in just a day! It gave me back precious full days of my own time, and removed so much overwhelm that I'd had around launching this site. I was able to book a few extra thousand dollars of work into my own schedule this month just because of the time this freed up, so safe to say that the ROI was fantastic. Would highly recommend this service to any web designer out there looking to free up their schedules, focus more on design work that they love, and leave the dev in R+R's highly capable hands.

Carly Tiegeler  //  Schematic Design Co.

"I recently booked a Dev Day with Rebel + Rise and I can't say enough good things about the experience!"

Ready to Book Your Showit Development Day?

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book now


How is this different from your other services?

On average, our development projects take about two weeks to complete. Our calendar is typically booked out at least a month in advance, including hourly projects. Showit Development Days allow you to bypass our waitlist, and accomplish what usually takes two weeks, in ONE DAY. 

what happens if i book a Showit development day but am not ready in time?

Our process runs on a very strict timeline and there are a very limited amount of Development Days available each month. If you are unable to get everything to us on time, we are unable to refund or reschedule.

i'm nervous about outsourcing! How do i know this is the right move?

We totally get it. Outsourcing big pieces of your work is hard and scary, but know that you are in good hands! Katie is a Showit pro and she can't wait to take the work off your plate and help you create more time and space in your business.

how should i deliver my mockup files?

We prefer a full XD file along with any images and fonts. We also accept Illustrator and Photoshop files as well. Our team will provide a shared Google Drive folder for you to place these files in. All pages of your site are due by your Development Day.

How often will we communicate during a development DAY?

We'll schedule an initial consultation call to go over everything and see if we're a good fit. On your Development Day, we'll touch base once in the morning at the beginning of the day and once at the end to hand off all completed work. We will also check in midway through the day with an update

do you offer payment plans?

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking with the remainder due 3 days prior to your Development Day. 

how far in advance should i book my development day?

We recommend inquiring at least two weeks in advance of the timeframe you have in mind for your Development Day.

Book Your Showit Development Day

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