Showit-All Celebration of Student Portfolio

A Sneak Peek at Showit-All Student Test Projects

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Ever wondered what life would be like if you could fully master the Showit platform and feel confident to pitch Showit template customizations, build custom Showit websites, or even build your own template shop?

Watching our students grow + expand their skill sets is the pinnacle of what Showit-All is all about.

It’s one thing to piece together training videos on the ins and outs of Showit and then try to take that knowledge and convert it to what you’re working on in client projects.

It’s another to have hands-on learning opportunities through having test projects using the SAME template used in the videos! You can follow along on the template while going through the course and the test projects provide you with a way to build your portfolio.

Working alongside the video and actively learning on a test project removes the stress and allows you to fully engage with the platform in a fun way – ready to explore!

That’s why I included the Stevie template for our Showit-All students to use while they go through the course.

Our students have dedicated time to truly becoming Showit pros and just take a look at the results! Below are just a handful of GORGEOUS test projects completed by Showit-All Students.

*Keep in mind many of these students had either never used Showit before or had limited interaction with it when they enrolled in Showit-All.*

Student test project by Renee Beaman

Custom design by Tayanna Nelson

Showit Template customization

Student test project by Sarah Ivey

Student test project by Meredith Taylor

I wanted students to walk away with tangible portfolio pieces rather than just a checkbox next some course modules when they completed Showit-All. The test projects inside the course truly help you build your skills and walk away with portfolio pieces to show off.

Ready to become a Showit pro and build a portfolio filled with showstopping websites with confidence?

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Whether you're a designer or an entrepreneur, building your first (or next) website is an exciting time! So what do you say we help you keep it that way? The only thing that will fall by the wayside is the stress and overwhelm you currently feel.